ABOUT US   “Amar travel agency” LLC was established in 2010. Amar travel agency is one of the leading tourist companies of Mongolia specialized in providing high quality touristic excursions. We service to more than 500 tourists every year. We help our tourists to experience the best out of their visit to Mongolia by showing the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, unique traditions, vast culture, and rich history. We also take our tourists to the most beautiful places in Mongolia including untouched mother nature, endless landscape, the great blue sky, and the rim of sand dunes in the Gobi Desert. Our company has an extensive network of relationships with other domestic and international companies and successfully participate each year at tourist expeditions and meetings. As a result of our successful participation in tourist industry, we were able to open our official representative agency in Brussels, Belgium in 2017 and have been working successfully to accommodate tourists seeking to visit Mongolia.
Our company is specialized in the following activities:
  • Organizing domestic travels
  • Making reservations at hotels
  • Booking domestic and international flights as well as train tickets.
 Currently, the company works with the most famous international and domestic tourist companies, hotels, restaurants, tourists’ camps, culture and arts, and other important services.
To become the leading tourist operator in Mongolia by providing the best tourist experiences that meet international standards.
We will create unforgettable memories and experiences during your travel while meeting our values.
We put safety first when providing tourist service.
We value customer’s satisfactions.
We have professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.
We acknowledge social responsibilities.
We offer flexible and compatible price.


Why travel with us?



We will offer unique travel itinerary , which addresses the needs of our customers. In addition to it, there are 9 different travel itineraries are available to choose. Every trip touches the natural beauty of Mongolia and reflects nomadic culture, tradition and way of life of nomads. We sincerely hope that our service will exceed your expectations.



We employ experienced tourist guides and excellent staff leading the tourism sector. We are proud that we are the customer centered organization.


We work to provide wide diversity of service at the most reasonable price with the highest hospitality and flexibility.

Best team

You will give feedback of our service at any time.